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ELEVaTED Visiting Scholars Award

The U of U Health Obstetrics and Gynecology Department greatly values the strength that diversity brings to the success and reach of our mission and vision in our clinical, academic, and research teams.

To that end, we seek to elevate the visibility of our OB/GYN training program among prospective trainees who identify as having a historically under-represented or systematically excluded background in medicine.

We invite interested and eligible fourth-year medical students to experience what makes the UoU ObGyn training program special. Read more about how to apply for the Enhancing Learning and Equity with Visiting Trainee Education & Diversity award and to be considered for the ELEVaTED Visiting Scholars Award.


Current Scholars

Denise Ornelas ELEVaTED Scholar

Denise Ornelas

University of California, Riverside School of Medicine

Sylvia Asare ELEVaTED Scholar

Sylvia Asare

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Past Scholars


Ngantu Le elevated scholar

Ngantu Le

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Maria-Camila Ochoa elevated scholar

Maria-Camila Ochoa

University of South Alabama College of Medicine

Faculty Development and Resident Education

The faculty development includes:

  • Mentoring Across Differences led by Elizabeth Archuleta, Ph.D., Associate Chair in the Division of Ethnic Studies in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation
  • RaceTalk Skills Workshop four-part series on communication across racial differences led by Bedelia Richards, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Richmond
  • Upstander/Calling in Communication series


The resident education consists of:

  • Project ARIISE                                                       
  • Upstander/Calling In Communication Series
  • Ant-Racism Curriculum                                                                 

Community Outreach

A few community outreach events and team mentions can be viewed here: