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Potential Research Topics

  • Cervical cancer screening
  • HPV vaccination
  • Access to care
  • Pregnancy loss (early/recurrent, and stillbirth)
  • Maternal Morbidity & Mortality
  • Substance use disorders


During the first year, the fellows will identify an area of interest for research, as well as a mentor. In addition, each trainee will receive mentorship from the PD, APD, and their research mentor in Utah. Site supervisors at each site have been selected for their willingness to provide both supervision of clinical practice and mentorship.

Katie Harris, MD (Program Director)

My role as a mentor is to support and further develop the fellow's passions in rural, global and underserved health. I want to provide my fellows with the resources, encouragement and skills to delve deeper and grow into a career where they can have an impact on underserved populations doing what they love. I believe this requires independence, but support; exploration but guidance and open communication and kindness.

WHE Katie Harris Mentorship in Gynecologic Oncology

Michelle Debbink, MD/PhD (Assistant Program Director)

I believe that mentorship involves an honest, thoughtful, and responsible relationship between mentor and mentee. I strive to build relationships with mentees founded on mutual respect, accountability, and transparency. Doing so requires clear communication, well-delineated expectations, and graduated autonomy as the relationship progresses. In addition, mentoring students and trainees in an academic setting requires further engagement in teaching and professional development. As an academic mentor, I aim to instill essential understanding of my disciplines and the ethical and professional foundations that build a successful academic career.

WHE Michelle Debbink Mentorship

Kate Cohen, MD (Fort Defiance Site Director)

Dr. Cohen’s mentorship philosophy stems from her training experiences, which include several global health projects including work in South Africa and American Samoa. Working at Fort Defiance Indian Hospital as a specialist OBGYN since September 2019, Dr. Cohen loves the collaborative environment with midwives, intensive GYN experience and ability to practice full-scope OB/GYN in a rural setting. Her mentoring philosophy emphasizes hands-on experience with support through open communication and teamwork.

WHE Katie Cohen Mentorship

Diomede Ntasumbumuyange, MD (University of Rwanda Site Director)

Dr. Diomede’s mentoring philosophy is focused in helping the students develop a framework of skills and confidence that enable them to successfully pursue interests of their choice. This requires that I get to know my students and understand their goals; but also I allow them to know me so that I can act as a useful, and hopefully inspiring, role model. To enable this two-way relationship, I offer them my time, advice and feedback, help them set achievable goals and allow them to work independently.

Dr. Diomade

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